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doctoral symposium hes-so at ecal

Will be presenting "Re-decentralize the web" to introduce my artistic research to the HES-So academic community.
This presentation will showcase a practice-based design inquiry on the relationship between the contemporary decentralization movements and interaction design hosted at HEAD Geneva (Hes-so) and EPFL Media X Design Laboratory. First part of the presentation will present the current state of the different decentralization movements , followed by a brief introduction to practice-based design inquiry (Research trough Design) which gives agency to artefacts (prototypes) that in return open unexpected perspectives; Finally, some of the current prototypes and proposed ones will be explained in depth.



lumbung radio prefair events at missread bookfair

This year MISS READ is working together with lumbung radio to produce a one-week radio and on-site program at the MISS READ Space in Wedding (September 17–21) and at HKW (September 22–24). The events are open to the public and will be streamed on, on and partly via local FM’s of Radio Cashmere and SAVVYZAAR.

The pre-fair program consists of a diverse set of workshops, panel discussions and performances ranging from methods of radical pedagogy to experimental electronic workshops and musical performances taking place every evening.



invisible publishing house - leading a workshop on community networks @head geneva

Alongside Vytas Jankauskas, we prepare a one week workshop on Community Networks. As part of the workshop we visited CERN first Data Center, AXA Data center as well as Itopie a Digital Repair Cooperative. Here the introductory presentation and some of the documentation Images of the visits and final works presented.



redecentralize design in japan: phd fellow at tama university

The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science sponsored 3 months research at Tama University under the supervision of Akihiro Kubota. I Wrote a non-academic report here if you are interested in discovering more about the Installation, performative event and research that was done there
Link to report



commons in design conference at institute experimental design and media cultures (ixdm)

I will be presenting a paper Co-authored with Gregoire Rousseau. at Commons in Design Conference in Basel

The project “Commons in Design” (2019–2023), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, deals with the concept of design in the context of digitalisation and the resulting change of the role of designers. Technological advances have enabled new paradigms of work organization (e.g. co-working), new professional communities and identities (e.g. maker culture) and empowered frameworks for co-creation, co-design, and the sharing of design knowledge and products. Current research directions focus on issues of sustainable products and services, design processes, and forms of collaboration.



web3: building tomorrow's social networks innovation bootcamp from idea to working prototype

Giving a workshop on Off the Grid networks at La Plateforme in Marseille.
More info here


theatrum mundi : tram des nations arts residence 2022

Preparing a Digital publication for Tram des Nations residence.
Tram des Nations residence is a research-creation program, proposed by the Cantonal Fund for Contemporary Art, EXPLORE Geneva and Theatrum Mundi, and financed by the Republic and the canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva and the City of Grand-Saconnex. The program consists of two collective and participatory residencies which will take place in March and April 2022. They will be followed by a public restitution in June 2022 during the EXPLORE Geneva Festival and the publication of a digital edition in October 2022.


Geneva / London

coming commons the art of digital reappropriation and redistribution

Coming Commons brings forward discussions on the future of distribution and archives of printed matters with artist Anne-Laure Franchette, co-organizer of Volumes book fair. Juan Pablo García Sossa will present his research project Instituto Habanero on post-conflict situations in Colombia and his proposition of magical realism as a form of speculative design applied in global south in conversation with theorist and curator Nora Sternfeld (Professor HFBK Hamburg).
Coming Commons is the second iteration of the project The Coming Community as part of Manifesta 13 hosted at HFBK in Hamburg. It follows the discussion of last week on what may be a collective exhibition under the conditions of isolation embedded within increasing privatisation processes of both physical and digital spaces.


Online / Hamburg

the act of publishing : p2p dynamics @ universidad de los andes

What does it mean to publish in 2020? How do we understand the act of publishing from different scales and means? And how do we understand these media in relation to the public or community for whom we publish? Class for the Design department of Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota)



peer-forming the commons

Station of Commons is invited to participate in two days symposium “What system actually” organised by Kassel art academy in July 2020.

Station of Commons will provide Open Source technology for media broadcasting, and implement 2P2 file sharing instance based on DAT protocol.

During the panel talk “Peer-forming the Commons”, we will discuss SoC idea, its intentions on digital commoning practices. How P2P technology as concept relates to re-appropration of code and technological commons knowledge.



launching station of commons

Excited to launch a research on open technologies and commoning practices.
stay tuned at Station of Commons
Project in collaboration with Gregoire Rousseau



catalogue for digital lyric exhibition is online!



open lab #10 with guest mitch paone from dia studio

Mitch Paone from Dia Studio will do a performative talk on his work and ideas around design. Info here



launch of the magazine back office # 3 at the center for future publishing

Launch of the magazine Back Office # 3 with its co-founder Anthony Masure and Elise Gay. More info here



decisions architecture at new york university (nyu) shanghai

Talk about decisions architecture at the Interactive media arts department for the elective Media Architecture. Invited by Stavros Didakis 12:00 (GMT+8)

Media Architecture



social media hacking at chronus art center shanghai

Talk and workshop co-organised with Gordan Savicic on Social Media Hacking as part of the finissage of the exhibition Open Codes at Chronus Art Center



fiction practice — young curators lab curated by mariana pestana

I participated in the workshop Design as Learning — Re-Edit organized Jan Boelen and Vera Sacchetti for the Porto Design Biennale opening week. The outcomes of the workshop will be exhibited in the museum Quinta de Santiago in Matosinhos and in Dutch Design Week 2019 at Onomatopee



perpetual printing at the porto design biennale

I'm very excited to be invited as part of the Center of Future Publishing to be present at the Porto Design Biennale where we will be exhibiting Perpetual Printing until the 17.11.2019



the loopers at weltformat festival in lucerne

Our new printing performance "The loopers" will be exhibited at the festival Weltformat. This year theme is "Rules and Tools" and the performance will take place at the exhibition "Designing Tools" from the 28.09 until the 07.10